Live Albums and New Albums!!

The time is finally here for us to release our live album “Ruff Stuff Nuff Said”. We recorded over 40 songs over the course of 2 nights at Red Square in Albany NY, and we picked the top 14 to mix and master into a truly awesome live album. The process took a little longer than expected, but we’re happy we took the time to put out a rockin’ fun filled live album. So join us at the Parish Public House(formerly Red Square) in Albany NY on Dec.6th and help us celebrate the release of “Ruff Stuff Nuff Said”.

After the release of the live album we’re going to focus on our 4th studio album. It’s been 2 years since going into the studio and we’ve been dying to get back in and put out some brand new music. We’ll be taking time off from playing any live shows this winter as we want to focus on making this new album the best work we’ve done yet. It’s always our goal to make any new album a step above the last, so that’s the game plan on this one. We will be back in the spring though armed with a bunch of new material and a new album. So thanks to everyone for the support this summer and fall, and make sure to pick up a copy of our live album Dec. 6th.

Check out our new video!

Talkin to us about the weather

It’s warming up in the Northeast so that means the beginning of festivals and outdoor shows! We have some really cool spring gigs coming up so as always check out events tab to see were we are going to be. Also our online store is up and running. We’ve just added hats so click on the store tab and get your summer outfit all ordered up. Ok enough shameless promotion.  Oh yea, we also have a new music video coming out real soon!

Hello 2014!

Holy Smokes! 2013 was a great year for us. We put out our 3rd album, Northern Rock, our finest work yet! Which you can stream right here. Travelled around the northeast meeting great fans as well as bands we’ll be friends with for years to come. Now it’s 2014 and we’re stoked for the year ahead. First order of business is to record our first live album on  January 31st and February 1st at Red Square in Albany, which we hope to release in late winter or early this spring. We then hit the road, driving around the northeast. Check our events tab to see where we’ll be this winter. As always we continue to push ourselves musically writing tunes for our upcoming 4th album, which we hope to begin recording sometime in 2014. Good things to come this year, and so glad to have all of you on board with us.  We look forward to seeing ya’all  at the upcoming shows.