Eastbound Jesus | Bio - Eastbound Jesus

Americana / Bluegrass / Northern Rock

In the past five years, Eastbound Jesus have been busy. They have released four studio albums and a live album all while cramming into a 15 passenger van on the weekends and playing gigs to enthusiastic audiences all over the Northeast.

Eastbound Jesus is comprised of six friends: Adam Brockway (vocals, guitar), Carl Anderson (drums, vocals), Luke Anderson (banjo), Dylan Robinson (electric guitar), Dave Wright (bass) and Zack Infante (lap steel and electric guitar). Their music draws from a diverse range of influences, from bluegrass to country to rock and roll and beyond. They have developed a style that is distinctly their own, one they have dubbed “Northern Rock.” Featuring shredding banjo and guitars, a thumping rhythm section and sweet sounding vocal harmonies, it’s a sound that expresses what life is like in a small town, through all of it’s changing seasons.

They released their first album, Greatest Hits Volume 1, in January 2011, four months after forming in a barn on the outskirts of rural Greenwich, New York. It didn’t take long thereafter before folks took notice and the band’s rabid fanbase grew. Their latest release was 2015’s “Hollerin’,” the band’s most unique and polished effort to date. As time passes, the music keeps coming, the setlists get longer and the fans keep dancing.