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Eastbound Jesus draws on a mix of diverse influences from the worlds of bluegrass, country and rock and roll to develop their own sound that is at the same time distinctly familiar and completely original, one that they have dubbed "Northern Rock," These six friends from the rural upstate New York town of Greenwich have released four studio albums and a live album over the past five years, all while packing venues across the northeast with an infectious energy that gets people smiling, dancing, and hollerin’!

Eastbound Throwdown!

Join us this September 23rd and 24th for the Eastbound Throwdown! This will be our first camping music festival which will feature two days and nights of music in the beautiful hills of Washington county. The Mallett Brothers Band, Driftwood, The Blind Owl Band, The North & South Dakotas, The Spectacular Average Boys and more will all join Eastbound Jesus on the Irwin Farm in Salem NY for a weekend of music and camping not to be missed. Grab your tickets here for only 50 dollars to camp and enjoy some of best Americana bands in the Northeast! We can't wait to see you all out on the farm!

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New Album: Hollerin'

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Hollerin’ The new album from Eastbound Jesus

We have been hard at work in the barn and in the studio writing and recording our brand new album Hollerin’. May 30th we release the brand new album, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. For this album we really tried to push our song writing in a more complex direction, and bringing in a few guest musicians really helped us create a unique and refreshing sound for the new album. May 30th well have the album up on our site here for you to stream. We are now done with our winter performance hiatus so check our events tab and see us perform the new album live. Thanks so much everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new album as much as we do!

Pre-Order Our New Album!


Pre-order Our New Album!

Hey everyone! We are well into the process of recording our brand new studio album and couldn’t be more excited about the new tunes. We’ve already laid down half of the tracks and we continue to work on recording vocals, write and polish new tunes, and mix the overall album. For this release we have decided to do a campaign on Pledge Music that will allow you to preorder a physical cd, get a signed copy of the cd, and get the brand new EBJ t-shirt. You can order one or all! The really cool thing though is that you will be able to watch behind the scenes video of us working on this new project as well as receive a couple new tunes before anyone else and download the album before its actual release date. So head on over to our pre-order page and stay up to date with us as we tackle our best work yet! Thanks so much for all your support and well see you down the road!!

Head on over to http://www.pledgemusic.com/artists/eastboundjesus to pre-order.

-Eastbound Jesus

Live Albums and New Albums!!

The time is finally here for us to release our live album “Ruff Stuff Nuff Said”. We recorded over 40 songs over the course of 2 nights at Red Square in Albany NY, and we picked the top 14 to mix and master into a truly awesome live album. The process took a little longer than expected, but we’re happy we took the time to put out a rockin’ fun filled live album. So join us at the Parish Public House(formerly Red Square) in Albany NY on Dec.6th and help us celebrate the release of “Ruff Stuff Nuff Said”.

After the release of the live album we’re going to focus on our 4th studio album. It’s been 2 years since going into the studio and we’ve been dying to get back in and put out some brand new music. We’ll be taking time off from playing any live shows this winter as we want to focus on making this new album the best work we’ve done yet. It’s always our goal to make any new album a step above the last, so that’s the game plan on this one. We will be back in the spring though armed with a bunch of new material and a new album. So thanks to everyone for the support this summer and fall, and make sure to pick up a copy of our live album Dec. 6th.

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