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Eastbound Jesus draws on a mix of diverse influences from the worlds of bluegrass, country and rock and roll to develop their own sound that is at the same time distinctly familiar and completely original, one that they have dubbed "Northern Rock," These six friends from the rural upstate New York town of Greenwich have released four studio albums and a live album over the past five years, all while packing venues across the northeast with an infectious energy that gets people smiling, dancing, and hollerin’!

Eastbound Throwdown!

Join us this September 23rd and 24th for the Eastbound Throwdown! This will be our first camping music festival which will feature two days and nights of music in the beautiful hills of Washington county. The Mallett Brothers Band, Driftwood, The Blind Owl Band, The North & South Dakotas, The Spectacular Average Boys and more will all join Eastbound Jesus on the Irwin Farm in Salem NY for a weekend of music and camping not to be missed. Grab your tickets here for only 50 dollars to camp and enjoy some of best Americana bands in the Northeast! We can't wait to see you all out on the farm!

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New Album: Hollerin'

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Talkin' To John About The Weather

Talkin to us about the weather

It’s warming up in the Northeast so that means the beginning of festivals and outdoor shows! We have some really cool spring gigs coming up so as always check out events tab to see were we are going to be. Also our online store is up and running. We’ve just added hats so click on the store tab and get your summer outfit all ordered up. Ok enough shameless promotion.  Oh yea, we also have a new music video coming out real soon!

Hello 2014!

Holy Smokes! 2013 was a great year for us. We put out our 3rd album, Northern Rock, our finest work yet! Which you can stream right here. Travelled around the northeast meeting great fans as well as bands we’ll be friends with for years to come. Now it’s 2014 and we’re stoked for the year ahead. First order of business is to record our first live album on  January 31st and February 1st at Red Square in Albany, which we hope to release in late winter or early this spring. We then hit the road, driving around the northeast. Check our events tab to see where we’ll be this winter. As always we continue to push ourselves musically writing tunes for our upcoming 4th album, which we hope to begin recording sometime in 2014. Good things to come this year, and so glad to have all of you on board with us.  We look forward to seeing ya’all  at the upcoming shows.

Fall is coming

We’ve had a great summer, but September is here which means the temperature will be dropping and bringing along some creative inspiration! We write better in the cold. This fall is looking good though as we have been adding dates and getting on the road quite a bit. Check our events tab to see were we’ll be in the coming months, and scroll to the bottom to sign up for our mailing list. We’ll send you a monthly email with some updates and show info. Good stuff ahead!!

Summer 2013

Summer is here! Check our upcoming events tab to see what dates we have coming up. Happy to be part of Moe. down august 9th-11th. Other great shows throughout the summer as well.  If you haven’t listened to our new album Northern Rock stream it here. You can download it as well from Bandcamp, I-tunes, and Amazon. See ya at the shows!